Syllabus for Forensic Science 2013-14

Course Description:

The course is designed to introduce the applications of scientific principles used in the various disciplines of criminal investigations. It is comprised of assignments and activities based on actual investigations and techniques as they relate to the Sunshine State and Common Core Standards.

Course Objectives:

       On completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the scientific investigative process as it relates to location, sampling, identification, and interpretation of findings. A variety of subjects will be covered and they vary by grade level and course length.

Course Materials:  Required each class meeting

  • Student planner

·         pocket folder

·         Notebook paper

·         6inch ruler with English and metric scales

·         Pencils (#2 or equivalent) or pen (blue or black only)


Grading Policy:                                                         Grading Scale

Assignment Weights

Homework              10%             90-100%    A

Class assignments    20 %            80 – 89%   B

Tests                      35 %            70 – 79%   C

Project                   15  %           60 – 69%    D

Labs                       20  %           0 – 59%     F

Final Exam             11.11%   (by County settings)


A replacement assignment may be provided at the teacher’s discretion if an activity or group work cannot be duplicated or accomplished by an individual student.

All work is due on the date assigned.

Classroom Policies and procedures:

All students are expected to be on time and prepared to begin work having all materials on hand. Behavior should be respectful and considerate of all others in the room. Special instructions will be provided for some activities due to safety concerns. Disciplinary procedures for minor incidents include:

·         Warning         for first interruption

·         Call Home      for second incident

·         Written disciplinary action as described in school policy

 Lab Fee:

A lab fee of $10 is requested for materials consumed in the Forensic Science course. This is not part of, but in addition to the recently instituted county wide activity fee which does not support classroom operations. As a reminder…personal checks are not being accepted this year. Please contact me through Edline email if you have questions.


Each student will complete a project that will demonstrate an in depth understanding of a discipline of forensic science, a method of forensic analysis, or a recent advancement in forensic science. The project grade is divided into two sections:

Presentation demonstrating knowledge of subject

Written report of 300-350 words with 3-4 references identified. See website for specific requirements for each grade and class type.

Pictures, graphs, etc. do not count in word count and plagiarism will result in no points being awarded for the report portion of the grade. Topic choice must be submitted by the end of the second week of the term.

Class work and homework:

Any class work not completed becomes homework unless specifically instructed to hold for completion during the following class meeting. Homework assignments will be due at the beginning of class on Friday or on Monday if a weekend assignment. Assignments will be posted on Forensics website by unit along with supporting information. School standards for makeup work apply.

Web addresses for Forensic Science


Links are provided from Edline and for email contact.


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