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Challenger Forensics specializes in the education of Forensic Science students in middle school and adult forums. The instructor, Gary Kimble, worked for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office in Brooksville, Florida for over 20 years. During this time, Mr. Kimble developed specialties in crime scene investigation, fingerprint development and identification, bloodstain pattern analysis, and forensic photography among others. Mr. Kimble was also certfied by the International Association for Identification in Crime Scene Analysis and Forensic Composite Art.

 Mr. Kimble currently teaches at the Challenger K-8 School of Science and Mathematics in Spring Hill, Florida. Additionally, he is a member of FEMORS, the Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System working as a fingerprint specialist for mass casualty emergencies as determined by the Florida Department of Health.

Skeletal remains reconstructions and composite sketches are completed on request for law enforcement agencies.


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