Forensic Art combines the techniques of science and art to build a more exact understanding of some portion of an investigation. A police artist incorporates two skill sets to create an accurate depiction of a crime scene, victim, suspect, or any other aspect of evidence to assist in a better understanding of what has occurred. The use of science as the primary basis is paramount in any work product provided by a police artist. Accurate measurements and the proper use of tools of the trade are vital to quality work. The finished product should provide a jury, investigator, or the public with a better view of the elements of the criminal investigation.
  • Although the Forensic Art class will not be formally offered during the 2012-2013 school year, Forensic art services and products will still be available to law enforcement agencies and private citizens depending on schedule requirements.

    Services offered:
  • Composite sketches from victims and witnesses
  • Skeletal remains reconstructions
  • Age progressions from photographs
  • Image modifications and alterations   

    Please email requests for prices and time for completion requirements

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