Forensic Entomology Part 2

The story of insects and their near relatives continues with those "beasties" that feed on the living. The subjects for part 2 include familiar blood feeders such as bedbugs, ticks, and fleas, but also mosquitos and mites.

The life cycle of a mosquito will be one of the focus points for the week. A diagram is provided for download and study.

Many of the blood feeders are monitored by local and state mosquito control and public health agencies.

Here are our favorite feeders and biters:

Fleas            siphonaptera
Hard Ticks   ixodidae
Soft Ticks     actinedida
Dust Mites    mesostigmata
Bed Bugs     cimicidae
Mosquitos    culicidae
Chiggers      actinedida
Widow Spiders  lactrodectus
Brown Recluse  sicariidae
Scorpions    scorpiones

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