Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology 


Students are given a brief overview of the techniques involved in the archaeological recovery process. A site previously prepared  will be the focus of the assignment. The main activity will consist of an on site examination and excavation of a buried crime scene with various types of evidence scattered throughout the site. Measurement and documentation of soil conditions and layers, evidence locations and characteristics, and site will be critical to the investigation. Skills from previous segments will be required to complete the recovery and identification. Skeletal remains and other evidence will be examined to determined age, race, sex, stature, and approximate weight of the victim. Additional clues should lead to information about a suspect.

Activities include a brief discussion on tools, techniques, and various jobs that need to be accomplished prior to going to outdoor site. Each person’s responsibilities are established by assigning a job card with a title, description of work, and special skills or equipment. Excavation will continue until all materials have been recovered from each section. An inventory and analysis will follow. A final review of the excavation and the determination of findings will be completed in the classroom with each student detailing their assignment and their findings.


This is an outdoor activity conducted at the school's archaeological site.

Proper dress and closed shoes are required for participation

A written daily log, inventory, and report must be submitted by each student following the completion of the excavation


Dates for current site 

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